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What's it like when you're married to your business partner? Khadeen & Devale talk marriage and business with couples Deondray & Quincy and Robert & Amber.

The Black Vikings of Nordic Europe

Viking activities at times also extended into Africa. The black blood type is common even in Nordic Europe. The Vikings were known as Ascomanni "ashmen" because of the color of there skin. A prominent black Viking of the eleventh century was Thorhall, who was aboard the ship that carried the early Vikings to the shores of North America. Another black Viking, more notable than Thorhall, was Earl Thorfinn, "the most distinguished of all the earls in the Islands."  Thorfinn ruled over nine earldoms in Scotland and Ireland, and died at the age of seventy-five. When the British Isles were invaded by the Vikings some of these Norse raiders were Africoid.  In fact, different varieties of ‘Viking’ Africans lived in Scandinavia during the middle ages and are frequently mentioned in Viking sagas.

Mongols Season 1 Full - from Genghis to Kublai

Now that we have started to work on the second season of our animated historical documentary series on the Mongol Empire, we decided to make this video to refresh the memory of what happened during the rise of the Mongols. In this video we are covering the conquests of China, Central Asia, Iran, Caucasus, Eastern Europe via the battles of Yehuling, Parwan, Indus River, Kalka, Mohi, Legnica, Ain Jalut, Yamen and others, featuring Genghis Khan, Ogedei, Batu, Kublia, Chagatai, Subutai, Jebe, Tolui, Jalal-ad-din, Baibars, Qutuz and others.

Yasuke: Story of the African Samurai in Japan

In our new animated historical documentary we will tell the story of the first foreign samurai in Japan, the man from Africa, they called Yasuke. He traveled to Japan with the Portuguese missionaries and played an interesting role in the Sengoku Jidai period and in the life of the daimyo Oda Nobunaga.

Malik Ambar: African King in the Heart of India

In our new animated historical documentary, we will talk about Malik Ambar, who started his life in Ethiopia, was enslaved, brought to India, where he managed to become the prime minister of the Ahmednagar sultanate and the leader of the anti-Mughal resistance fighting against the likes of the emperors Akbar and Jahangir.



Black pastors must boycott Daystar for backing Trump's bogus voter fraud

After Daystar co-founder Joni Lamb came out in support of Donald Trump’s voter fraud claims, Roland Martin had some choice words for her during Tuesday’s edition of #RolandMartinUnfiltered. Roland called for Black pastors and those who watch programming to boycott their platform.

Black American Muslim Youth Speak Out: Confronting Racism Town Hall

In these trying times in America as we contend with COVID-19 and the plague of racism, the MCC East Bay expresses solidarity in words and action with the Black community and stands witness to the collective pain of the Black community in their struggle for social, economic, and criminal justice across this nation.

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